Volunteer readers can be any group of students who want to  improve their literacy skills and experience the fulfilment of giving to a charitable organization located in the Fort Wayne area or abroad.  The Read-A-Book - Build-A-Library program provides students with the opportunity to participate in a project based learning program in which  students' read, record their reading progress, and then once their reading goal is met donate books and supplies to a needy recipient.

How can my students become a volunteer reader for this program? 

Parents, teachers, principals, media specialists, youth group leaders, after school club instructors, scout leaders, band directors, day care providers, home school instructors, coaches etc. may contact MRC and sign their students up for this worthwhile experience. 

How old does a volunteer reader need to be in order to participate? 

MRC accepts any student who wants to participate in the program. Pre -schoolers do a wonderful job listening and illustrating for the Read a Book program. Their time and efforts are just as important as the students who read for the program!  Special needs students are some of our most dedicated and  valued participants. 

How long does it usually take before a donation can be made?

Students usually read for a 9 week period of time and record their reading progress on the reading logs provided. Once the reading goal is met the staff of MRC is contacted. If the recipient of the supplies is a local agency a representative from that organization will visit the students, present information about their organization and thank the students for their efforts. If students are reading for organizations abroad their supplies are delivered and students receive pictures, can follow blogs, and have the opportunity to learn about a new culture. 

What is the cost of the program? 

Each recipient receives at least one suitcase full of supplies. All supplies are new. The cost of each case is $325.00. Organizations that wish to participate but can not afford the cost of the case may be sponsored. 

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Get to know some of our volunteer Readers Below



Ms. May's class at South Side High School read to earn the privilege of donating to Easter Seals Arc.  Representatives from Easter Seals, Shelley and Tom, attended the presentation and received a banner plus suitcases full of books and supplies on Monday, February 20th, 2017.


Shawnee 6th grade students participated in the “Read a Book, Build a Library” program. The “Read a Book, Build a Library” program allows students to read and track their time in order to earn items (hygiene items, school supplies, hats, gloves, etc..) that will then be donated to needy families. The program supports our district focus on improving students’ reading and literacy skills and our school improvement goal of 15 minutes daily independent reading. Shawnee 6th graders read and logged a total of 2581 hours. Funding for the program is provided by generous members of the community. The earned items were donated to Catholic Charities in recognition of our long standing relationship with area refugee families that send their students to Shawnee and other FWCS schools.  



Special thanks to Grady Pruitt, Cheryl Terhune, and Carol Lipp for helping to make this all happen. Trunks were delivered to Riley Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to the students at the Ward Education Center for all their efforts and accomplishments. 


Special thanks to Veronica Jarvis and the students at  Indian Village for reading countless hours in order to donate to Ninos del Sol, an orphange in Peru.


Special Thanks to Lisa Amick and the students at Shambaugh for reading to donate to Bashor Childrens Home. 


Special Thanks to Kara Froning, Elise Olson, and Pat Murphy for funding suitcases and participating in Read-A-Book, Build-A-Library. 


Special thanks to Bethany Sewald and the entire students body for writing letters to every single student at Medina Village school in order to donate and collecting 250 boxes of crayons. You are a super sister-school. 


Special thanks Grady Pruitt and Raheemah Watson, the students at Allen County Juvenile Center for reading in order to donate to Bright Point Head Start.

Thank you Ft. Wayne Police Department for sponsiring the suitcase. 


Special thanks to Laura Pappas and the Irwin students for reading to donate to the Franciscan Center.